Sungai Semadang on the Map

Two Bidayuh villages along the Semadang River, Kampung Semadang and Kampung Danu, have acquired popularity for outdoor and water activites.

The two villages are located about 40km from Kuching City, the stretch of river has become known for its clear rivers, caves and forested areas as well as their abundance of fish, which attracts tourists interested in fishing, river and jungle activities.

Some of the major events in the Semadang region are the Bengoh Cultural Carnival, Padawan Raft Safari as well as the annual Semadang River Tagang@Fishing Festival.

Kampung Danu has participated in the Tagang System of fish conservation in certain stretches of Sungai Semadang where fishing is prohibited, except for once a year during the Tagang@Fishing Festival.

For more information on tourism activities in the Semadang area, visit Semadang Kayaking at http://www.semadangkayak.com/contact/

Kayakers enjoying the Semadang River
Kayakers enjoying the Semadang River


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