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Sarawak Travel Vlog Ep3: Sago in Mukah

When we talk about a foodie’s experience in Mukah, it is impossible not to mention its wide range of authentic delicacies. This includes its famous marinated raw seafood dish, ‘umai’ and ‘linut’, a starchy paste made from sago flour which is usually served together with ‘sambal belacan’, a spicy chilli condiment mix with shrimp paste.

Mukah, which is one of the major sago producers in Malaysia, has for decades exported its sago to the outside world. Those famous ‘boba’ in Taiwanese milk tea drinks favoured by urban teens? They are made from sago!

In this episode, follow Bianca and Nadja on their journey into Mukah, the Melanau Heartland, to discover more about sago and how it is made into a variety of Melanau’s famous dishes, especially the ‘linut’ and those chewy goodness in bubble tea drinks.

The video is also available in our Facebook Page, Sarawak Travel, Malaysia Borneo, our Sarawak, Travel, Malaysia Borneo Youtube Channel and Sarawak Tourism Board website. Stay tuned for new episodes.

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