Preserving Sarawak Malay’s Handicraft Heritage

Keringkam’  a handcrafted textiles of gold thread sewn by Malay women of Sarawak was officially introduce to the outside world at the  ASEAN Lifestyle Week  held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre recently. 

Keringkam is traditionally hand-crafted with fine embroidery work, using mostly gold and silver-colored course threads.

There are two versions of gold-thread woven handiworks, the longer version called  “Selendang Keringkam” (Shawl) and the shorter type  known as “Selayah Keringkam” (Veil). 

Widely adorned and worn   by Malay women in Sarawak during the early years, Keringkam is said to be popular among women from the aristocratic circle.

It is exquisitely heavily and could worth more than a few thousand ringgit, depending on embroidery motifs and designs. 

The art of Keringkam is a proud legacy and it is an important part of Sarawak’s Malay heritage.  

For more information on ‘Keringkam”, you may log on to https://sarawakhandicraft.com.my/

A picture shown colorful designs of ‘Keringkam”
A picture shown colorful designs of ‘Keringkam”


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