Museums and Galleries in Kuching

While the Sarawak Museum is under renovation and the Sarawak Museum Campus and Heritage Trail is being constructed, there are still plenty of other museums and galleries that you can visit in Kuching. In fact, there are 11 of them.

The Urang Sarawak Gallery located at the Sarawak Art Museum next to the closed Sarawak Museum building displays the rich religious, cultural and historical heritage of the Chinese, Malay, Dayak and Orang Ulu people of Sarawak.

The Chinese History Museum at the Kuching Waterfront and the Islamic Heritage Museum at Jalan P. Ramlee, display the heritage of the Chinese and Malay communities in Sarawak respectively. 

The Textile Museum showcases authentic textiles made by the main ethnic communities of Sarawak, with the Tun Jugah Pua Kumbu Museum at Tun Jugah Tower focusing on the textiles of the Iban people.

Within the Textile Museum, you can find the Treasures from Nusantara Gallery, displaying 30 Bornean historic artefacts.

There are many more galleries within the city, some focusing on the history of women in the state or the lives of the Brookes, and even a museum focused on all things feline. Read more here…

Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum

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